Zeolite Zeolayer - aquarium / pond gravel, fraction 16-32mm, in plastic buckets 5L

  • Zeolite Zeolayer - aquarium / pond gravel, fraction 16-32mm, in plastic buckets 5L

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      Highly effective sorbent Zeolayer of natural origin, aquarium gravel,in 5.6l (5kg) plastic buckets. Made in the EU.

  •  Zeolite gravel Zeolayer for water filtration in aquariums.

    Zeolayer keeps your aquarium clean to keep your fish healthy. 

    In water, Zeolayer turns green and adorns your aquarium or pond. 

    Zeolayer is an effective filtration medium that keeps your water clean for a long period of time, thereby providing biologically beneficial conditions for your fish due to its adsorption quality.

    • 100% natural mineral with no dyes, additives or chemical components
    • Absorbent for harmful substances mainly ammonia formed by decomposition of organic residues, urine and animal excrement
    • non-toxic and non-allergenic, completely organic
    • prevents algae growth
    • maintains water purity in your aquarium and biologically beneficial conditions
    • aesthetic and decorating effect
    • Effective filtration to maintain water quality

    Unlike traditional soils or sand, Zeolayer is able to filter not only mechanical impurities but also adsorb harmful substances. This is especially true for ammonia, which when elevated can be toxic to fish and cause problems in the long run. With one tablespoon of zeolite gravel with Zeolayer, we get a cleaning filtration area similar to that of a tennis court.

    Wash thoroughly with running water before use.
    The gravel can be placed under another type of filler to form its bottom layer (thereby creating a filtering layer).
    The gravel distributed on the bottom of the aquarium adds an aesthetic and decorative effect.