Mineral materials for water purification and filtration

  • Iron hydroxide-based adsorbents for reducing eutrophication and restoration of ponds and lakes 

    Removes phosphorus compounds that are safe for the environment, humans, flora and fauna. Granules and powders. 

    Granular iron hydroxide for effective removal of water contaminants  

    Remover of phosphates, sulfides, arsenic, heavy metals. Suitable for cleaning drinking and well water 

    Special absorbent for cleaning rainwater 

    Removes phosphates, heavy metals, mineral oils, hydrocarbons from rainwater. Granules 2-4mm and 0.5-2mm 

    Iron hydroxide-based filter granules for phosphate removal in small wastewater treatment plants 

    Granule sizes available 


    Packaging 20kg bags and 500kg Big Bag

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