Bioproducts for processing slurry and digestate

  • Bioproduct for slurry treatment and digestate processing

    Avibac S is an ideal bioproduct for the treatment of slurry and digestate in order to improve their quality and reduce crusting problems. It contains special bacteria and enzymes that help break down straw, starch, fats, proteins, help reduce odors, and preserve nitrogen.

    The following factors are important in slurry management:

    When the crust is reduced

    Avibac S uses a combination of enzymes and bacteria to break down fibrous materials and retain more nutrients in the slurry and digestate.

    Enzymes have a direct effect on this breakdown by breaking down the bonds that hold the fibers together. Bacteria are the key to long-term slurry performance in winter. Bacteria need both a carbon source and a nitrogen source to grow. The carbon comes from the organic matter in the slurry and the nitrogen comes from the ammonia in the slurry. The advantages of this are that the solids contain carbon, which reduces slurry crusting and caking. Second, ammonia that would otherwise be lost is bound as a microbial protein that is safe from volatilization during storage or spreading.

    More nitrogen is retained

    Typically, up to 80 percent is lost in slurry or digestate tanks. of nitrogen. The amount of ammonia in the slurry is reduced by Avibac S. This has the advantage that the nitrogen is fixed to reduce its loss. Nitrogen is stored as a microbial protein that cannot escape to the atmosphere. Nitrogen applied during fertilization is an ideal form of nutrition for soil microbes. This in turn improves soil condition, reduces crop burn and promotes better regrowth.

    Less odor to the environment

    The odor level in the slurry is reduced because Avibac S bacteria reduce ammonia levels and break down other sulfur compounds in the slurry. This results in less odor in barns with slatted slurry storage. Less odor from outdoor storage and less odor during diffusion. The reduction in odor is particularly evident in indoor pigsties. Lower ammonia levels will further improve animal health and performance.


    • Reduces crust formation
    • Reduces blockages
    • Holds more nitrogen
    • Less smell
    • Slurry spreads more consistently
    • Fewer flies
    • A healthier soil structure
    • Less burn
    • Better growth
    • less slurry after use

    Use 1 kg/500 m3 slurry storage capacity - initial dose. After that, 500g/500m3 every week.

    Start using as soon as storage begins to fill.

    Add Avibac S to storage according to storage volume. Distribute as best you can to ensure the best results. Stirring is the ideal way to ensure that the bacteria are well distributed.

    Where treating tanks under slats or gratings, mix Avibac S with a large amount of water and pour over the slats/gratings, if possible onto the crust.

    Regular mixing during the season will increase bacterial activity and reduce the amount of work involved in spreading the slurry during the season

    Liquid bio product to help control slurry/digestate/sludge odors in open tanks and indoors

    Reduces odors (sulphides) and breaks down sludge


    • Municipal and industrial wastewater and biological treatment facilities

    • Lagoons and ponds and landfills

    • Sewage and slurry pits

    • Digestate containers

    • Areas with anaerobic problems

    Avibac Sulphide Remover is available in 20 L, 200 L and 1000 L containers. No preparation required. Can be dosed into tanks, waste water or sprayed over sludge/slurry/digestate tanks or lagoons 

    For eliminating unpleasant odors


    • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities
    • Landfills
    • Slurry/digest pits and lagoons
    • Pig farming and poultry farming

    The liquid product is ready for use. Packages 20 l. 200l or 1m3 

    Bioproduct to improve nutrient retention in slurry and digestate, reduction of ammonia and sulfide odors, homogenization and liquefaction of slurry, nitrogen retention (increases up to 70%), reduction of dry matter content (and total volume)

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