For crop production

  • Soil and lawn conditioner Zeolite 1-2.5mm, 20 kg

    Zeolite 1-2.5mm is designed to improve the conditioning and properties of lawns, soils and substrates.

    Usage: medium 0.5-4kg / m2 or m3.

    Composition: 100 percent. natural zeolite

    Zeolite is used in agriculture in crop production as a soil conditioner or zeolite fertilizer. It retains water for a long time and supplies it evenly to plants, can help reduce nitrates, and so on. leaching of nutrients, increase the amount of air in the soil, reduce acidity.

    Used for soil, plants, vegetables, fruit trees, seed germination both in a large area and in pots.


    • Retains water in the soil for a longer period of time, which can help plants use water efficiently even in difficult temperature conditions and simplify lawn irrigation throughout the growing season.

    • May help to use the supplied fertilizers, which can be bound in the main layer and prevented from entering the groundwater or lower soil layers

    • May help to improve soil profile aeration and thus facilitate the growth and development of the plant root system

    • Due to its ability to bind water and available nutrients, it can help maintain the lawn's long-term and green growth and promote its regeneration.

    Lawns and garden soils


    • Equip sports lawns and playgrounds that must withstand high loads throughout the vegetation

    • Establishment of ornamental parks and gardens

    • Suitable for lawns created by sowing and grass carpets

    Possibilities of use and application

    • Base layer for meadow and orchard application in sandy soils with low sorption capacity

    • Mixing with substrates

    • Lawn treatment, lawn reconstruction and regeneration

    • Lawn ventilation / ventilation suitable for deep insertion 



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