Decorative pond dye Dyofix Pond Blue against algae and pond weeds, 100g

  • Decorative pond dye Dyofix Pond Blue against algae and pond weeds, 100g

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    Dyofix Pond Blue blue dye against algae and pond weed, 100g soluble sachet up to 1000м3  pond

  • Dyofix Pond Blue  pond dye

    Used to control algae and water weeds in ponds, lakes and fisheries.

    Safe for children, pets and pond flora and fauna

    Non-toxic, ecological Pond Blue paint for lakes and ponds will control algae and water weeds, which often cause serious problems that interfere with fishing, boating, bathing and irrigation.

    Extremely dense growth of filamentous algae and submerged weeds will also be controlled, which also causes serious problems for fish due to nocturnal oxygen deficiency.

    Pond Blue dye replaces the need for manual algae removal.

    Pond blue blue also reduces the need for chemicals, algicides, herbicides, which, if not used in precise doses or under the strict control of experts, can adversely affect fish and plants. 

    Features and benefits

    • Inhibits the growth of algae and weeds
    • Improved the look of your water
    • Protects fish from birds and cats
    • Used all year round
    • Creates a beautiful contrast for plants and shrubs
    • Safe for children, pets and pond life
    • You can swim


    100g soluble bag

    Each 100 g soluble sachet is suitable for:

    Dyofix Pond Blue - up to 1000m3 (when the average water depth is more than 1m).

    For a depth of up to 1 m, the dose should be doubled for every 20 cm.

    For 1000m3, if the depth is 1m - 100g

    if the depth is 80cm - 200g/1000m3

    if the depth is 60cm - 400g/1000m3

    if the depth is 40cm - 600g/1000m3


    we add 10-15% every month. from the initial dose. 

    If you have any questions, email: