Ultrasonic equipment for the destruction of algae

  • Ultrasonic equipment for the destruction of algae 

    A natural remedy for algae in ponds, beaches, natural pools, bathing areas in lakes, fish ponds, etc.

    Due to the high frequency of vibrations, algae are literally stressed in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. Therefore, chemicals are not required.

    The vacuole, the nucleus of a single cell, constantly fluctuates with a certain frequency. The devices inhibit algae and their formation all year round in a natural way without algicides. 


    Gardeners and pond owners often use chemicals and algaecides to eliminate ugly and annoying growth and eliminate water turbidity.

    This is done in a much gentler and more environmentally friendly way - with an ultrasonic device.

    Algae, whether unicellular or multicellular, are very thin-skinned. Their bright hollow bodies begin to vibrate due to the resulting complex tones and are thus vulnerable. Presses of other plants and organisms in the pond are not affected, as are fish with a hearing power of 100 Hz.

    The first results are available in a few weeks

    Due to the exposure to ultrasound at a certain frequency, algae experience stress. Therefore, chemicals that affect water quality are not needed. Underwater waves do not affect flora or fauna, as sounds of such frequencies also occur in nature, for example when water hits the surface of a pond. 

    Healthy Cladophora     

    After 4 weeks of exposure  


        After 8 weeks of exposure to dead algae  


    Protection against the growth of new algae

    Ultrasound waves not only eliminate the sudden growth of algae, but also have a preventive effect.

    The operating range of the ultrasound is 5 to 150 meters. To use this method, the water depth must be at least 50 centimeters. In one or two years, this method is less expensive than other options, such as chemicals, expensive filter systems, and so on.

    The operation of the algae destroyer is simple. High-frequency ultrasound tones cause algal resonance, damage to the algal cell wall, and escape of cell contents.

    The walls of the empty algal cells sink to the bottom. This prevents the formation of new algae, and the existing algae die within a few weeks.

    Ultrasonic removal of filamentous algae is an effective way to stop their growth. Acoustic signals are sent underwater, resonant vibrations damage the filamentous algal cell wall, and the algae dies naturally. Cladophora algae settle to the bottom after 8 weeks of exposure with empty cell walls and are destroyed over time by existing microorganisms and bacteria.

    To decompose dead algae, we recommend using our BIOPRODUCTS.

    It is scientifically proven to be a very effective method

    The effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in combating algae has been confirmed by many studies and research on the method of algae control. Using ultrasonic devices, the growth of algae in ponds can be stopped without much effort and the water can be kept clean without the use of environmentally hazardous or even toxic chemicals. Ultrasound waves are harmless to humans and animals.

    Suitable for recreational pond systems with beaches

    Green algae love warm water, high in nutrients, and sunny weather. .

    Blue-green algae or cyanobacteria can be very dangerous to humans and animals. Many lakes and rivers are banned from bathing because of harmful blue-green algae.

    Irritation of the skin or swallowing of water may cause dizziness and vomiting. It also damages the nervous system and liver, making it especially dangerous for children.

    Pets, such as dogs and cats, are vulnerable, often dying after drinking water in an infected body of water.

    You can usually recognize blue-green algae from a layer of greasy film on the surface of the water,  

    Areas of application

    • Garden ponds, natural ponds 
    • Swimming ponds, natural pools, natural outdoor pools
    • Koi ponds 
    • Corporate ponds 
    • Golf courses, large ponds 

    Ultrasound equipment fights blue-green algae and filamentous algae

    • Floating green algae 1 week
    • Blue algae, green algae from 3 to 4 weeks
    • Threaded algae from 6 to 8 weeks
    • 2/3 reduction of biofilm layer

    How long can the device last?

    Service life is 10 years and more. Algae exterminators have been designed so that all components can withstand higher than normal loads. In order to guarantee the service life in the operating instructions in the operating instructions, please note the following:

    - The electronics box must never be exposed to constant humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations, it must not be exposed to bright sunlight or heat.
    - In winter, water pressure can enter the electronics box due to snow pressure. To ensure longevity, keep the electronic box in a dry place.

    Other prolongation measures:

    - The appliance may remain switched off in the dark. Algal cell division is almost non-existent in the late hours.
    - If there is a small amount of algae, the device can operate 50% of the time. (Within one hour 30 minutes running time)

    El. power consumption, depending on the device: 15-40W.

    Easy to install without the help of a specialist, no maintenance required.

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