Absorbents for pollutants

  • Klinosorb Zeolite Absorbent is a universal sorbent specifically activated for high sorption ability and versatility. Due to its unique properties, it is used as sorbing gravel for environmental and industrial accidents as well as for precautionary purposes in all areas related to controlled waste. handling and using sorbents. s. 


    • High sorptive ability
    • Effective impurities and smells absorption
    • Maximum chemical stability
    • '100% ecological product
    • Safe for the soil, plants and animals
    • Suitable for all types of surfaces - pavements, concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavement
    • Not flammable
    • Easy manipulation and application
    • Low acquisition costs 
    • Saugus aplinkai

    Environmentally safe

    KlinoSorb is a sorbitol based on natural zeolite. It is 100% organic, safe for soil, water, plants and animals. Natural zeolite can absorb molecules and ions of various materials into its surface and internal structure, but does not change its volume or structure. The total volume of the inner cavities is between 24 and 32%. 


    Absorbent is suitable for use in industry, home, oil spill removal, agriculture, forestry, and leakage of almost all types of chemicals. KlinoSorb is characterized by maximum chemical stability and ability to contain absorbable materials. In addition to liquid materials, sorbent gravel also absorbs odors. It is a sorbent that has a remote bacteriostatic and fungal static action (reducing water concentrations in the environment limits metabolic activity, including microorganism growth). KlinoSorb - Natural sorption gravel provides extremely high mineral surface adsorption (100 kg KlinoSorb has an external surface of more than 3 million m 2 and an internal surface of 60 million m 2).

    Absorbable fluids



    • Sulfuric acid (at least 96%)
    • Hydrochloric acid (at least 35%)
    • Hydrogen nitrate (65%)
    • Phosphoric acid (85%) Fluoric acid (38-40%)
    • Acetic acid (99%)
    • Formic acid (89-91%)


    • Sodium hydrate (16% solution)
    • Ammonium (25-27%)
    • Potassium hydrate (16% solution)
    • Sodium carbonate (20% solution)
    • Aniline (99%)



    • Acetone
    • Tetrachloromethane (99%)
    • Chloroform
    • Cyclohexanone
    • Diethylamine
    • Diethyl ether Formaldehyde n-Hexån Methylene chloride
    • Turpentine
    • Methylbenzene
    • Trichlorethylene



    • Transformation oil Hydraulic oil OH - HM 46
    • Mineral oil (ANISI oil)
    • Engine oil M8 AD
    • Diesel

    Oxidizing agents

    • Sodium hypochlorite
    • Hydrogen peroxide (30%)
    • Perchloric acid (at least 70%)

    Ordinary fluids

    • Blood
    • Ethylene glycol methanol
    • Ethanol (96%)

    Not suitable for absorbing pollutants from the water surface, HF

    Chemical stability

    KlinoSorb is resistant to water, dissolved inorganic salts, alkaline and acid (except HF) solutions, organic and petroleum products.

    1kg Klinsorb absorbs up to 1 liter of water, up to 0.5 l of liquid contaminants. 

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