Specifics of use of biological preparations

  • Biopreparations are an effective and assured tool for pond water treatment and sludge decomposition.

    The main things that users of biological preparations should know:

    • The primary function of biopreparations in solving pond problems is the prevention of pollution and algal growth. It is best and cheapest to use preparations preventively to avoid pollution problems.
    • Our biopreparations are harmless to flora and fauna, do not pollute water even in case of overdose
    • The process of water treatment and sludge decomposition with biopreparations is long: the minimum period to achieve the initial results is 14 days, to obtain the result 30-45 days. Some highly polluted bodies may require a season or more.
    • Biopreparation is not chemistry, you will not see the result after one week
    • If there is a high or persistent contamination, the biopreparations should also be dosed at a constant rate. Standard - every 2 weeks.
    • Each pond is unique: the volumes, amounts of fish, vegetation, the amount of pollutants entering, the amount of accumulated sludge differ. Our dosing recommendations are the starting point. After 30 days, you should adjust the dosage according to your situation: if the water becomes clear, leave the dosage if the results are still unsatisfactory, administer the biopreparation every 1 week or adjust the dose.
    • If you are not sure how to dose or how to adjust the dose, write to us. Be sure to include information about the pond: volume, photos, whether there are fish, whether there is arable land nearby, and so on.
    • In addition, we recommend the use of water tests to determine water quality.
    • Rain adjusts the cleaning process, if a large amount of water from the environment enters the pond, the water may become cloudy again.
    • Biopreparations are introduced where there is the greatest contamination. After 1 week, if possible, the areas can be mixed as much as possible to spread the bacteria more widely.
    • Bacteria start their activity 24-48 hours after their use in water

    To see the effect:

    A. Fill your pond water into a 1 liter clear glass container before using biopreparations.

    B. Add your pond water to a 1 liter clear glass container 30 days after using the biopreparations. Mix the water in both jars and compare the purity of the water. Water tests can also be performed.