Scalewatcher equipment for boat cooling systems

  • Protect the ship's engine cooling system from scaling! 

    Engines of both large and small ships are cooled by water taken from a body of water (river, sea, lake), which is usually hard. Over time, limescale deposits block the cooling tubes and reduce engine cooling. Cleaning such a system is difficult. 

    Sea water passing over the heat transfer surfaces causes a heavy build-up of limescale which has to be removed with acid when the ships enter dry dock for refit every two years, and sometimes at more regular intervals. Limescale build-up reduced the cooling of the ship's engines, caused more smoke to be emitted from the funnel, increased fuel consumption and made the engines run less smoothly.   

    The best way to protect your cooling system is to use Scalewatcher equipment

    You can choose a model:

    • Equipment for private boats. For one motor, 12V voltage, energy consumption less than 2W, for pipes up to 25mm, IP 66, 800g. Easy to install by yourself. 

    • For the protection of large ship engine cooling lines, sea water intake systems, evaporator tubes from scaling. 110-240V, energy consumption less than 15W, protection against water, 3kg 

    • For fishing vessels. One device to protect multiple water lines. 110-240V, electric energy less than 40W. NEMAX/IP67, 2.5kg. 

    Information and requests:

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