Oxygen release products for water and soil

  • Oxygenation products Oxy are used in aquaculture/ponds/contaminated soil cleaning
    As an additional source of oxygen for fish and to ensure the water/soil purification process 

    The products are used to increase the amount of oxygen for various processes, after the destruction of algae using algicides, to improve the decomposition of bottom sludge, to destroy sulfides, ammonia, anaerobic zones, to clean contaminated soil, to add oxygen in winter in ponds and elsewhere where an oxygen source is needed. 

    Oxygen sources in water bodies can be used in situations where mechanical aeration is not possible. 

    LongOxy provides slow oxygen release for water bodies for up to 3 months. 

    The product is safe when used in recommended doses. Decomposes into water, molecular oxygen, and calcium hydroxide.

    1kg releases 200g of oxygen over time. In winter, for ponds, 1 kg creates an oxygenated zone of up to 50 m3. 

    In the summer, it releases oxygen for the fish, destroys anaerobic zones, and helps the decomposition of pollutants

    A 1000m3 pond would need at least 5-10kg doses. Packages of 5kg. Physical state: dry powder or granular. 


    LongOxy benefits  :

    • Water treatment
    • For long time oxygenation. Provides sufficient dissolved oxygen.
    • Eliminate carbon dioxide, which hinders the oxygen absorbtion of fishes.
    • Increase pH, prevents acidification
    • Removal ammonia and ammonium
    • Removal hydrogen sulphide
    • Reduce organic pollution on pond bottom
    • Prevent pond from anaerobic bacteria causing hydrogen sulphide and ammonia
    • Calcium supplement to flora and fauna
    • As a slow oxygen release agent for bioremediation of polluted
      sediments from intensive shrimp or fish farms containing high organic carbon, nitrogen and
    • Soill and water bioremediation

    Product dose depends on water quality, depth, fishes quantity, bottom sludge quantity.

     In average we can consider:

       Depth                                     Dosage per 1000m2

         • 1m                                               4kg

         • 1,5m                                            5-6kg

         • 2m                                               7kg 

    Should be used with precautions for ponds with fishes. 

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