Returning conditions

  •   Terms of Return
    1. The Customer shall be given the opportunity to replace the items transferred to him with other items of a similar size, shape, color, pattern or completeness or to return goods he does not like.
    2. Such right may be exercised by the customer within 14 days from the time the goods are delivered to him (counting from the moment the customer or his other authorized person signs on the order receipt). This customer right is related to the fact that the customer is dissatisfied with the dimensions, shape, color, model or complexity of the goods in question.
    3. Replacement and return shall only be possible if the goods to be replaced or returned meet the following requirements:
    (a) have not been used;
    (b) have not been damaged;
    (c) preserved consumption characteristics of the goods;
    (d) has not lost its appearance.
    (e) each item to be returned is in its original and intact packaging.
    (f) the original labels (protective films, etc.)
    Packaging changes which are necessary to inspect the product shall not be considered as material deterioration or loss of appearance. In all cases, the goods must be returned in their original packaging, including the supplier's seal and stickers. In all cases, the customer must provide proof of purchase when returning the goods.
    The shipping costs associated with returning the goods are borne by the customer.
    If you decide to return the item, send us an email. email . Upon receipt of your letter, we will send you return instructions.