Products for removing phosphates

  • Granular products Ferrosorp  based on ferric hydroxide, used in various fields 

    • For pond/dam/river water purification, algae protection, phosphate binding
    • For phosphate binding in aquaculture
    • In surface water treatment plants
    • For cleaning drinking water: phosphates, sulfides, arsenic, arsenite
    • For phosphorus removal in small treatment plants
    • Treatment of rainwater runoff, e.g. shaft filters in retention soil filter systems
    • Phosphate binding in the treatment of open water bodies
    • Treatment of contaminated groundwater by cleaning up contaminated sites
    • Use of Contaminant Containment in "Reactive Barriers"


    Due to its chemical composition, iron (III) hydroxide is quite effective at binding arsenate, phosphate or sulfide ions in aqueous media.
    Using a proprietary process, ferric hydroxide is already produced in granular form. Granules of various diameters can be produced by combining crushing and sieving procedures.

    Operating principle

    In the first step, arsenate or phosphate ions in an aqueous solution are adsorbed onto the Ferrosorp surface. At a later stage, thanks to chemical transformations, it becomes stable iron arsenate or iron phosphate.

    Sulfide ions are formed from hydrogen sulfide in water and removed in a similar manner to form nearly insoluble iron sulfide.

    The binding mechanism of heavy metal ions is understood to be a combination of adsorption followed by fixation inside the ferric hydroxide crystal. In addition, there is a relatively non-specific adsorption of organic wastewater elements.
    The chemical equation for the reaction of phosphate, arsenate and hydrogen sulfide with iron hydroxide: 

    For pond/dam/river/lake/swiming pool water purification, algae protection, phosphate binding, eutrophication prevention

    Used: in filters or as a loose granular layer, in filter bags

    Phosphates, along with nitrates, are the main nutrients for algae. An excessively high concentration of phosphates promotes the unwanted growth of algae in salt and fresh water bodies. Algae are responsible for the clearly visible green color of the water.

    Ferosorp has been specially developed for the adsorptive removal of phosphate and silicate from water in ponds/swimming pools etc. As a filter media, it can quickly, efficiently and irreversibly bind phosphate ions due to its large and highly porous surface. In addition to phosphates and silicates, it also binds harmful heavy metal ions such as lead, copper and zinc.

    A safe product suitable for use as a plant fertilizer.

    Adsorbing granules for removing pollutants from water

    Suitable for separating arsenic (III) arsenite and arsenic (V) arsenate, as well as phosphate, sulfide and heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions.

    In addition to the usual heavy metals such as lead, copper and zinc, antimony, molybdenum, cadmium, selenium, uranium, as well as silicate and chromate are bound.

    Special adsorbent for cleaning rainwater runoff

    These are selective adsorbent mixed iron hydroxide granules specially designed for the separation of nutrients and pollutants (phosphates, heavy metals, mineral oils, hydrocarbons) from stormwater runoff.

    Heavy metals and phosphates are irreversibly attached to the sorbent. With an optimized amount of Ferosorp product, it is possible to install rainwater treatment and rainwater treatment systems with a long service life.

    This allows many different filter cartridge options to be used in the filters.

    Produced in Germany.

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