• Environmentally safe water treatment technologies

    Additives for water and biogas treatment

    Company Aviris works in pond/lake water and waste water treatment field. 

    We provide consultations and environmentally safe water treatment/care products

    Products we supply for water treatment and other applications:


    • Water descaling equipment
    • Pond dye DYOFIX against algae and water weeds  
    • Products to improve the biogas production process 
    • Mineral products for removal of phosphates and sulphides 
    • Zeolite absorbents for variuous substances removal from water
    • Bioproducts for aquaculture, pond, waste water treatment, sludge reduction, fat and odour removal
    • Zeolite based products for water treatment improvement, water filtration 
    • Ultrasound equipment against algae 
    • Active oxygen release products for desinfection, biological remediation, odours removal and oxygen supply for water


    These products are natural and safe for both humans and flora/fauna.


    Main uses in water treatment:

    • Pond water treatment and sludge decomposition

    • Treatment of aquaculture water and sludge digestion

    • Ammonia absorption/nitrates/BOD/COD/phosphorus removal in effluent treatment

    • Oxygen supply for water bodies

    • Algae, bacteria and sludge removal


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