• Absorbents and bioproducts for water and air treatment

    Company Aviris works in pond, lakes water treatment, polluted liquids  (landfill, oily, industrial, etc.)  treatment.


    The products we supply for these applications


    • Absorbents
    • Bio products
    • Zeolite based products
    • Active oxygen release products for desinfection, biological remediation and oxygen supply for water bodies


    These products are natural and safe for both humans and flora/fauna.


    Main uses in water treatment:


    • Pond water treatment and sludge decomposition

    • Treatment of aquaculture water and sludge digestion

    • Aquarium water treatment

    • Ammonia absorption/nitrates/BOD/phosphorus removal

    • Desinfection

    • Oxygen supply for water bodies

    • Algae removal


    Our products are applicable in many fields:


    • Aquaculture and ponds water treatment
    • Water bodies oxygenation, biological remediation
    • Water filtration / purification
    • Air purification
    • Absorption of pollutants
    • Gas purification



    Smaller quantities are welcome to purchase in: web-shop

    For individual and bigger applications, please email us: info@avirisadditives.eu

    Information about our bioproducts for water treatment: www.avirisbio.com