• Absorbents and bioproducts for water and air treatment

    Company Aviris works with  polluted liquid absorbents, bio products and zeolite based products for aquaculture, crop, agriculture, livestock, industry, roads.

    These products are natural and safe for both humans and flora/fauna.


    Main uses in water treatment:


    • Pond water treatment and sludge decomposition

    • Treatment of aquaculture water and sludge digestion

    • Aquarium water treatment

    • Ammonia absorption/nitrates removal


    Our products are applicable in many fields:


    • aquaculture water treatment
    • probiotics for aquaculture
    • crop production
    • animal husbandry
    • water filtration / purification
    • air purification
    • absorption of pollutants
    • gas purification


    See our page for more information.


    Smaller quantities are welcome to purchase in: web-shop


    You can order at a special wholesale price by purchasing a larger quantity.


    To receive an offer, please email us: info@avirisadditives.eu