Electronic water treatment equipment

  • The Scalewacher is one of the most popular electromagnetic descalers in the world

    Wouldn’t you like to have a maintenance-free device without any chemicals to protect against mineral deposits and improve water properties, both in the private and commercial / industrial sectors?

    Scalewatcher is what you need! Its effectiveness is confirmed by many customers around the world, from private homes to large companies such as the oil industry.

    "The device I invented is environmentally friendly because it purifies hard water without opening the pipe and without chemical additives - with very low energy consumption."

    Other water treatment procedures that may increase efficiency may already be in place in certain industries or locations. In this case, Scalewatcher can be easily combined with any other method. Without opening the pipeline, efficient hybrid systems can be developed.

    Many satisfied customers confirm that with Scalewatcher:

    • Water and energy costs are reduced
    • Extends the life of water supply systems and appliances
    • The frequency of downtime of water supply systems and appliances is reduced, and their throughput and production are increased 

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    G-Sonic ultrasonic equipment is used to destroy all types of algae. 

    Information about the equipment can be found here.