Zeolite Zeoaqua for filling water filters, fraction 1-2,5mm, 20 kg sacks

  • Zeolite Zeoaqua for filling water filters, fraction 1-2,5mm, 20 kg sacks

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      Zeolite Zeoaqua  is a natural substance that absorbs various pollutants in water: fine suspended particles (up to 4µm), ammonium (up to 95%), COD, heavy metals, organic pollutants, unpleasant odors. Packed in 20kg.

    Made in the EU.

  • In swimming pools where chlorine is used, the zeolite absorbs ammonia to prevent the formation of a hazardous substance, chloramine, and also reduces the cost of chlorine by up to 30 percent.

    It is a much more efficient filtration filler compared to sand and glass fraction. Up to 30 percent uptime longer.
    For filling sand (quartz, etc.) filters. Fraction 1-2.5mm. Natural, safe sorbent suitable for drinking water treatment.
    For filling gravity and pressure filters in sand. Fraction 1-2.5mm (for pool filters).

    • Outdoor and indoor pools;
    • Hydromassage spa pools;
    • Decorative pools;
    • ECO pools;
    • For indoor and outdoor fountains;
    • For outdoor hot tubs

    About 30 percent longer service life compared to sand. Removes toxic substances, odors, ammonium, mechanically filters and reduces chloramines.
    Sand or recycled glass filler - only mechanically filters.
    Less cleaning flushes required compared to sand.
    Proposed fraction, depending on cleaning purpose:

    • For filling sand filters: 0.5-1mm
    • Fill for swimming pool, aquarium filters: 1-2,5, 2,5-5mm.
    • For pond filters: 2.5-5mm, 4-8mm / 8-16mm / 16-32mm. It is recommended to change the zeolite once every 2-3 years.
    • For ponds, aquariums: 4-8 mm / 8-16 mm / 16-32 mm. It is recommended to change the primer twice a year.

    Packaging: 20 kg polyethylene bags, 1 t Big Bag.

    It is recommended to replace the filter fillings for aquariums / fish farming ponds every 4-6 weeks.
    Zeolite used for pond cleaning: 0.5-1kg / 1m3 water. It is recommended to change every 2-6 months, depending on the level of contamination.
    The pool filter filler is theoretically replaced every 2 years. If the concentration of chloramines, free chlorine exceeds the permitted level, it is necessary to adjust as needed.
    Not used in saline water.