Zeolite for aquarium and fish farm filters, fraction 2.5-5mm, 20kg each

  • Zeolite for aquarium and fish farm filters, fraction 2.5-5mm, 20kg each

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     Highly effective sorbent Zeoaqua of natural origin, filter filler, in 20kg polyethylene bags. Made in the EU.
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  •   Zeolite - a natural substance that absorbs various pollutants in water: fine suspended particles (up to 4µm), ammonium (up to 95%), COD, heavy metals, organic pollutants, unpleasant odors, prevents the formation of chloramines in swimming pools, reduces chlorine consumption.

    For drinking water and dirty swimming pools, aquariums, fish farm ponds.

    One of the most important functions of the zeolite is the removal of ammonium. Ammonium in water contains two forms of NH3 (toxic free ammonium) and the cation NH4 + (low toxic).
    Because of its toxicity to fish, the ammonium level in the water should be constantly tested.
    The source of ammonium in the water is the fish itself, i.e. materials they remove, unused food, and decaying parts of plants.
    Zeolite absorbs cation NH4 +. The higher the pH of the water (8 and higher), the more NH3 occurs in the water (conversion from NH4 + to NH3). At pH 7.5, approximately 20% ammonium in water will be toxic. Thus, by removing the cation NH4 + with the help of zeolite, we prevent it from turning into toxic NH3.
    The safe level of free ammonium NH3 is up to 0.02 mg / L. 0.05 mg / L - tolerable up to 3 days.

    Proposed fraction, depending on cleaning purpose:

    • For sand filter filling: 0-1mm
    • Pool, aquarium filter filler: 1-2.5mm, 2.5-5mm.
    • For pond filters: 2.5-5mm, 4-8mm / 8-16mm / 16-32mm
    • For ponds, aquariums: 4-8 mm / 8-16 mm / 16-32 mm.

    For aquarium: 800g zeolite - up to 200l for aquarium. Change once a month.

    Packaging: 20kg polyethylene bags.

    The zeolite can be poured into a container for the aquarium filter, or better placed in a waterproof bag and placed in the aeration zone or aquarium filter area (where water mixing is better). The zeolite in the bag is easy to remove when you need to replace it or when you will not use it temporarily.

    Zeolite, absorbs ammonia and other pollutants only for a limited time. Therefore, it is very important to replace used zeolite in time with new one. For aquariums, the normal life is 30-40 days.
    Dimensions of the bag: 4.5cmx75cm.