Ciano water conditioner for aquarium, 100ml

  • Ciano water conditioner for aquarium, 100ml

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  • Cyan water conditioner for aquarium, 100ml

    • Quickly neutralizes toxic substances such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals and has a long-lasting effect.
    • Protects fish gills, skin and fins with extracts of natural substances and essential vitamins to which fish are accustomed in their natural habitat.
    • Reduces stress and the risk of fish diseases.
    • Improves water quality and transparency
    • Faster launch of new aquariums
    • Improves biofilter performance


    Shake well before use. Add a dose of WATER CONDITIONER, preferably near the filter water outlet.

    Dose: 10 ml for every 40 l of water to be cleaned.

    (If you have a new aquarium, add the dose required for the entire volume of the aquarium. If you want to partially change the water, add the dose of the changed volume of water (no damage will be done if you also add the dose to the full amount of water)).

    Manufacturer: Ciano (Portugal)