Scalewatcher 3STAR water descaler / softener

  • Scalewatcher 3STAR water descaler / softener

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    Scalewatcher hard water descaling / softening equipment 3Star for a private house or apartment, for a family of 2-3 people. 

  • Boilers, coffee makers, washing machines and dishwashers, kettles and modern water taps in the kitchen and bathroom suffer from hard water.

    Scalewatcher is a great and environmentally friendly way to stop these problems. A scalewatcher mounted on the main water pipe will protect all water using your home equipment.


    • Improves water heater efficiency, saves energy.

    • The water becomes softer, softer for the skin and hair.

    • Reduces foam and improves soap foaming.



    • No salt or chemicals required.


    Maintenance-free, easy to install, no wall mounting required


    • Slight energy consumption

    • Effective for copper, lead, steel or PVC pipes.

    Long - term effects


    • Improves water flow in highly calcified systems.

    • Extends the life of water heaters.

    • Extends the life of water filters and RO membranes.

    • Prevents itchy skin due to hard water.

    • Energy consumption 32kWh per year.



    Technical information

    • Mains voltage: 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

    • Energy consumption: <52 kWh per year 

    • Output voltage: low, non-hazardous

    • Signal cable: Single core, white,

    • Possibility of action: two double-wound coils

    • Weight 500g

    • Warranty: 10 years

    • Made in the EU.