LongOxy Oxygen Powder. 10kg to 500m3 per pond

  • LongOxy Oxygen Powder. 10kg to 500m3 per pond

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    LongOxy powder quickly regulate the amount of oxygen in the water and, using a special combination of active ingredients, also stabilize the biological balance in the pond.

    LongOxy powder - suitable for the cold season. Used all year round. 10kg to 500m3 per pond. 

  • LongOxy's main use is to improve water quality and dissolved oxygen in ponds.

    It is a slow-dissolving product that settles to the bottom, where it gradually releases oxygen.

    1 kg of LongOxy emits at least 180 g of pure oxygen.

    The LongOxy pond slowly releases oxygen for up to 3 months.


    LongOxy is used for:

    • Auxiliary material for water purification
    • For long-term oxygen saturation. Provides sufficient dissolved oxygen.
    • Excipient for reducing algae in the pond
    • Removes carbon dioxide, which prevents fish from absorbing oxygen.
    • Increases pH, protects against acidification
    • To improve hydrogen sulfide removal
    • Reduce organic pollution at the bottom of the pond
    • Protect the pond from anaerobic bacteria that cause hydrogen sulfide and ammonia
    • Calcium supplement for flora and fauna
    • Ensure the amount of oxygen in the water in winter and summer
    • For biological treatment of contaminated water and soil
    • Measure against fungal and bacterial diseases in aquaculture
    • Provide oxygen during transport of fish
    • Provides oxygen at night when oxygen levels fall and after algae destruction
    • Safe for flora and fauna at recommended doses

    The dose of the product depends on the quality of the water, the depth, the amount of fish, the amount of bottom sludge.

    Standard: 1kg-50m3

    Packaging: 10kg, up to 500m3.