GreenOxy oxygen supppy and water purifier for the pond, 1kg

  • GreenOxy oxygen supppy and water purifier for the pond, 1kg

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    GreenOxy oxygen supppy and water purifier for the ponds, 1kg

  • The oxygen release product GreenOxy is used in ponds as an oxygen source and water purifier.

    Used to increase the oxygen content of all algae after destruction, to improve sludge decomposition, to eliminate sulfide and ammonia emissions, to clarify water.

    GreenOxy can be used in situations where mechanical aeration is not possible.

    At the right concentration, the product is safe for the environment, decomposes into water, molecular oxygen and CO2

    Works all over the water column.

    In winter, it is suitable for quickly creating oxygen zones for fish near the harrows.

    1kg oxygenates about 50-100m3 of water.

    1kg emits oxygen - 130g.

    Short-acting product. Releases oxygen for 14 days


    Oxygen saturation: 10-20g / m3 of water.

    For water treatment in summer and oxygen saturation: 20-50g / m3.


    put in a plow in winter, spreading as widely as possible.

    Use no more than 1kg for 1 eket, dividing the dose into two parts during the day.

    2-3 oxygen zones for fish can be created for a 1000m3 pond

    Recommended min. depth 2 m.

    If the depth is less, take half of the dose one day and the other the next day.

    in summer and winter - for water purification (only for destruction of sulphides and ammonia and as an oxygen source) dose the product to the total volume of water 10kg / 1000m3

    The recommended dose for oxygen saturation is 10 kg / 1000 m3.

    Spread as widely as possible.

    Do not use if pond pH is 8 or higher.

    Safe for flora and fauna using according to recommendations.

    made in Germany.