Bacterial preparation Pro 4000x for water purification and sludge removal, in a bag of 10 tablets 16g. up to 120m3 water pond

  • Bacterial preparation Pro 4000x for water purification and sludge removal, in a bag of 10 tablets 16g. up to 120m3 water pond

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    Bacterial preparation in the form of tablets Pro 4000x for cleaning ponds and aquaculture water and removing sludge, destroying algae. 10 pcs. in a bag. 120 m3 of water. 

  • Pro4000x is a simple and convenient way to decompose organic matter in non-aerated or non-leaching water bodies.

    Areas of use of Aqua Pro for algae and sludge, ammonium, nitrate destruction:


    • In muddy ponds, lakes
    • In closed aquaculture systems
    • In open fish farming ponds
    • In polluted ponds and lagoons of industrial enterprises
    • In the ponds of manors and parks
    • In private ponds

    Can be used in lakes, ponds, slow-flowing streams or any body of water where there are problems with accumulated organic matter.

    The tablets can be purposefully thrown into the pond so that they get directly to the bottom of the pond, where organic matter accumulates. They can also be used in fish breeding and fry farming tanks.

    Each tablet contains more than 60 billion spores. When spores enter water that is rich in nutrients, the bacteria multiply and digest organic matter, as well as breaking down any ammonia. Bacteria improve water quality and reduce the amount of nutrients needed for blue-green algae.

    Pro4000x is a blend of selected bacteria, prepared in tablet form, for easier access directly to the bottoms of ponds and other bodies of water. These bacteria, the Bacillus subtilis strain and the B. licheniformis strain, were selected based on their ability to degrade organic matter that accumulates due to natural ecological processes.

    Pro4000x benefits:

    ➢ Less accumulated sludge

    ➢ Healthier ponds with cleaner bottoms with less or no hydrogen sulphide.

    ➢ Healthier phytoplankton communities have fewer blue-green algae; lower vibration loads

    ➢ Ammonia control

    ➢ Reduction of fish stress, better fish survival, fewer diseases, better fish growth, fewer water changes (can be reduced up to 10 times).


    Dosage and use:

    No preparation required, tablets are thrown into the problematic area of ​​the pond, aeration is not necessary, preferably at a pond water temperature of + 10oC and above.


    Starting dose: 1kg - 1200m3 of water, maintenance dose: 0.5kg / 1000m3 every 2 weeks

    One tablet - 12 m3 of water - starting dose.

    10 tablets - 120 m3 for a body of water (quantity) - initial dose.


    Higher doses are required for highly contaminated ponds.