Aquarium filter filler, nitrate remover, beneficial bacterial medium, ready to use, bag bag

  • Aquarium filter filler, nitrate remover, beneficial bacterial medium, ready to use, bag bag

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    Aquarium filter filler Nitrate remover, beneficial bacterial medium, ready to use, in a bag 

  • Eliminates nitrates, helps reduce or eliminate water changes, counteracts algae, reduces fish stress and helps prevent disease.

    120g to 200l of water

    Changed every 6 months.


    Nitrates are broken down by denitrifying bacteria that depend on oxygen-free (anoxic) conditions. These conditions cannot be created in conventional filters, so nitrates are often too much in the water. The negative consequences are: increased algal growth and increased susceptibility of the aquarium population to disease.

    NitrateRemover is the answer to natural nitrate reduction in the aquarium. The patented filtration medium can form layers of bacteria of a certain depth, known as oxygen-free and oxygen-free biofilms.

    NitrateRemover consists of two rapidly degradable biopolymers (polyhydroxybenzoic acid and polycaprolactone): a slowly degradable carrier and a faster degradation of the carbon source. The latter serves microorganisms as food (common substrate) for their own metabolism. When the product is used, pores form on the surface of the granules and provide an additional area for the colonization of microorganisms.

    The common substrate and colonization zone allow the formation of a powerful biofilm with a predominant oxygen gradient.

    Deeper denitrifying microorganisms are low in oxygen and thus have particularly favorable living conditions.

    Therefore, NitrateRemover increases the biomass and metabolic activity of the denitrifiers in the aquarium.

    100 g of NitrateRemover is used to reduce up to 30 g of nitrate, thus contributing to better water quality in the long run.

    Water changes become less necessary, reducing stress for aquarium residents.

    NitrateRemover also increases the hardness (KH) of water carbonates.

    > Additional tip: Using our product BioBooster, which contains active denitrifiers, increases the effectiveness of the nitrate remover.

    Application and dosing recommendation

    Place the mesh bag in the filter filler container. Depending on the nitrate content and water volume, NitrateRemover degrades completely over time. Replace every 6 months