Ammonia in water test for aquariums, fish farming tanks, water ponds, 25 pcs.

  • Ammonia in water test for aquariums, fish farming tanks, water ponds, 25 pcs.

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    Ammonia detection strips for the testing of toxic ammonia in aquariums / fish tanks. 

  • Ammonia detection strips are used to test for toxic ammonia in aquariums / fish tanks.

    The bottle contains 25 strips.


    The bars will show if toxic ammonia is formed due to protein breakdown.

    The chart shows 0 to 6 ppm, 0 ppm is ideal, 0.5 to 1.0 ppm is stressful, and 3.0 to 6.0 ppm is dangerous.

    The pH indicator unit of the ammonia test strip is designed to react only with the ammonia gas generated by the alkaline environment in the first part of the test strip. The unique design of the strip reduces and in some cases eliminates many interferences such as CN-, Fe, Mn, Ca and others. opportunity.

    The strip consists of two filter pads. The first filter tray acts as an absorbent and takes a water sample. The first pad is treated with alkaline materials. This alkaline environment converts any ammonia to a gaseous state.

    The second pad is a hydrophobic material treated in such a way that only gaseous ammonia is absorbed into the second filter pad. The second filter pad contains indicator (s) that can detect ammonia gas by changing the pH of the filter pad.


    • Remove one test strip from the container and replace the lid.
    • Immerse the test strip in the test water so that the tray is immersed.
    • The tray is immersed for 5 seconds.
    • Remove the test strip and shake off excess water.
    • After 1 minute, compare the bar to the color chart.

    Bottle dimensions:
    29 mm (D) x 86 mm (H)

    Tape dimensions:
    70 mm (W) x 5 mm (W)

    Shelf life:
    2 years