AquaPro EZ bacteria for cleaning ponds in a 4.5 kg box (20 bags of 227 g)

  • AquaPro EZ bacteria for cleaning ponds in a 4.5 kg box (20 bags of 227 g)

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    AquaPro EZ bacterial mixture in a box of 4.5 kg (20 bags of 227 g). For water purification of ponds and water bodies, sludge digestion. 10-4600m3 of water. 

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  • AquaPro EZ is a simple and convenient way to decompose organic matter in non-aerated or non-leachable water bodies.

    Areas of use of Aqua Pro for algae and sludge, ammonium, nitrate destruction:


    • In muddy ponds, lakes
    • In closed aquaculture systems
    • In open fish farming ponds
    • In polluted ponds and lagoons of industrial enterprises
    • In the ponds of  manors and parks
    • In private ponds

     Can be used in lakes, ponds, slow-flowing streams or any body of water where there are problems with accumulated organic matter. The bag contains spores and nutrients. To keep nutrients close to the spores when the bags dissolve, the product is best used in standing water bodies where there is little mixing.

    Benefits of AquaProEZ

    ➢ Less accumulated sludge

    ➢ Healthier ponds with cleaner bottoms with less or no hydrogen sulphide.

    ➢ Healthier phytoplankton communities have fewer blue-green algae; lower vibration loads

    ➢ Ammonia control

    ➢ Reducing animal stress


    Dosage and use:

    No preparation is required, the bag is thrown into the problematic place of the pond, aeration is not necessary, preferably when the temperature of the pond water is + 10oC and more.


    Starting dose: 1kg - 1000m3 of water, maintenance dose: 0.5kg / 1000m3 every 2 weeks

    1 bag - 230 m3 of water - initial dose.

    In a 4.5kg box, a total of 20 pcs. bags.