Products for water treatment

  • Bioproducts for waste water treatment used for:

    • Biological waste water treatment improvement
    • BOD/COD reduction
    • Fat removal
    • Sludge reduction
    • Odours removal
    • Nitrogen removal



    Packaging: 20kgs pails or 200g, 400g soluble sacks.

    Bactoblock is a BioBlock used to improve the operation of waste water tanks, equipment for water treatment in industry or private house, reduce the formation of sludge, clarify the water, and reduce unpleasant odors.

    It is used in septic tanks, biological treatment plants, sewerage systems, pumping stations.

    5kg cartridge for up to 1500 m3/d of wastewater.


    Septic tanks/biological treatment plants: tie the bacteria cartridge to a rope and place it in the inflow area, channel. up to 1500 m3/d for wastewater volume. Dissolution time 2-6 months.

    Open Drains: Tie and place in a drain to allow slow flowing water to flow over the cartridge to loosen bacteria. Dissolution time 2-4 months.

    Pipes: Hang the cartridge at the outlet of the sewage pipeline to the treatment plant, it can be placed in a container, protecting the pipelines. Dissolution time 2-4 months.


    • Effectively breaks down fats and oils, reduces unpleasant odors
    • Reduces organic pollution, nitrogen compounds, sludge content
    • Sludge is less often removed
    • Improves the performance of overloaded treatment plants
    • Helps to restore disturbed biological cleaning
    • Easy to install, no need to worry about dosing
    • When used in new treatment plants/septic tanks, the biological treatment process starts faster.
    • Operation 24 hours a day
    • Bactoblock is a mixture of selected bacteria, prepared in the form of a cartridge, for easier entry of bacteria into the wastewater stream.

    These bacteria were selected for their ability to break down organic matter.   


    More information and advice on usage: or tel. +370 62168746.