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      Blanketweed Remover and Quickoxy - for Blanketweed remover for pond

    • With active oxygen for direct results
    • Special bacteria break down dead algae
    • Safe to use



    BlanketweedRemover destroys filament blankets in 24 hours, releasing active oxygen immediately. Dead algae can be collected shortly after use.

    The special bacteria in the product speed up the breakdown of all remaining algae residues.

    Blanketweed Remover is colorless and very effective. The active ingredient is broken down into water and oxygen after a few hours.

    Usage: Spread the product directly on the algae "blankets". Avoid contact with aquatic plants. Avoid strong water movement when using the product. If necessary, switch off the filter and the pump. The product can be used several times a season.
    It is recommended to wait 3 days for reuse. Check the water values ​​before and during the treatment step.

    Use the product only when the pH is lower than 8.5 and the carbonate hardness (KH) is higher than 5 ° dH.
    To stabilize these values, we recommend PondEssential. If used correctly, there are no known adverse effects on fish, plants and amphibians. During use, the fish may remain in the pond.4

    Use our Quickoxy product for blue-green algae removal

    250g - 8000l, 500g-16000l

    Packages: 500g

    WaterLillyFertiliserCones - Water lily fertilizer cones

    WaterLillyFertiliserCones, supports the rapid growth and long-term care of all aquatic plants. Thanks to the readily available macronutrients, minerals and valuable trace elements, water lilies and other aquatic plants support their growth and the growth of bright full leaves and flowers with brightly shining colors.


     WaterLillyFertiliserCones are easy to use and, due to their cone shape, are perfectly formed to be fully inserted into the soil of a pond or planting. From there, the nutrients in the cones will be directly absorbed by the roots of aquatic plants, not algae.

    Place in the bottom of the pond near the root site or directly in the plant baskets.
    Use 1 to 3 WaterLillyFertiliserCones to plant new plants, depending on the size of the plant. Repeat the fertilizer once a year with the same dose.

    Packing: 10 pcs.

    Oxygen Active & Oxygen Deposit Tablets for Pon

    Oxygen Active quickly regulates the amount of oxygen in the water and, using a special combination of active ingredients, also stabilizes the biological balance in the pond.
    Promotes bacterial work. With enough oxygen, many bacteria can recycle waste faster and more efficiently, without the formation of fermentation gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which are toxic to fish.
    Oxygen Deposit Tabs supply oxygen to water for up to six weeks.

      Usage: Best in the warm season. Scatter around the pond!

    Filter systems may remain operational during use of the product.
    OxygenActive 100g - 1000 L, 500g-5000L
    Oxygen Deposit Tabs - suitable for the cold period of the year. Used all year round. 1 tablet - 500L.
    Packing: 10 pcs.


    Over time, sludge accumulates at the bottom of each pond: leaves, feed residues or fish excrement. The water becomes cloudy, smells unpleasant and the biological balance can be disturbed.

    With PondSludgeRemover, you can easily free your garden pond of organic sludge and sediment without the need for sludge extractors!
    The double-acting PondSludgeRemover contains bacteria of active oxygen and clear water that are active for up to 8 weeks !



     Component A (purely mineral): Reduces organic pond sludge. The patented combination of minerals actively oxidizes the sediment layer, thus breaking down heavy metals and other toxic substances to fish, as well as phosphates, the main nutrient in algae. The result is a visible reduction in the sludge layer. Bad odors are immediately neutralized.
    Component B (purely biological): Bacteria help maintain clear water. Highly active microorganisms immediately begin to decompose sludge, dead algae, plant debris, leaves, and fish toxins, ensuring clear and healthy pond water.
    Application and dosing recommendation:

    First, mix the recommended amount of both components with water, mix well and pour over the pond.
    For best results, use at or below 8 ° C. Turn off the UV lamps during use and for 48 hours thereafter.
    500g - 10,000l, 1000g - 20,000l

    Packaging: 500g

    Pond dye Dyofix pond blue, black, shadow

    • For decorative purposes

    • For the prevention of algae and water weeds

    Packaging 1kg, 100g powder. 

    5 Star Scalewatcher electromagnetic water descaler for ponds.

    Mounted on the pipeline.

    Helps protect against green algae, softens water, protects filter systems from calcification. 


    Rapid strip water tests are essential for every fish farmer to help identify and eliminate nitrite and ammonia growth situations that are dangerous to fish.

    • determining pH, nitrite, nitrate content, water hardness 50pcs. Cyan strip tests

    • amount of ammonia in water 25pcs. strip tests 



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