Bioproducts for pond water treatment

  • Bioproducts for pond water treatment are a safe and effective method of cleaning and keeping pond water clean. 

    Information, brochures about water treatment, Pro 4000x bacteria tablets, Pond Biotex bacteria powder in 500g sacks and AquaPro EZ, Algobac in soluble bags can be found on Pond treatment main page

    Depending on the situation of the pond, bioproducts can be used alone or in combination with other products: pond dye, active oxygen powder, algicides, lime, etc.

    An important feature of bioproducts  is pollution prevention, i.e. we recommend using them when pond is still clean, no algae.

    Cleaning an already contaminated pond (or with a large amount of algae) already requires higher amounts of biopreparations and longer use than preventive use.

    When using bioproducts, it is important (especially in highly contaminated or high algal) to understand that bacteria are a living organism and that time, dosage adjustments, and sometimes combinations of several products, are required to achieve the result.

    Biopreparations consist of several types of bacteria, the amount of which can reach 1-10 billion per gram of product. It is usually available as tablets, powder, or liquid concentrate.

    Once in the pond, the bacteria multiply, releasing enzymes that help break down organic pollutants, bottom sludge.

    Bacteria in the pond uses nutrients, which are also used by algae, i. competes with them in the food chain.

    Optimal temperature for bacteria in water from + 10oC.

    Special types of bacteria do not require aeration, they also work well in anaerobic zones.

    Our bioproducts for ponds:

    • Works preventively against the formation of algae

    • Clarifies water

    • Digests bottom sludge

    • Decomposes leaves, sludge, fish activity residues, dead algae

    • Eliminates anaerobic (oxygen-free) zones

    • Reduces nitrates, phosphates, odors

    • Completely safe for humans, flora and fauna

    • Works in full volume and sludge

    Our bioproducts:


    • Pond Biotex bacteria for pond water purification, clarification, in packages of 500g.

    • Bactoblock slow dissolving bacterial cartridges for bottom sludge decomposition, water purification, 500g, 5kg and 15kg.

    • Biofloc and Avibac F bacteria for aquaculture, fish farmers. In bags of 500g and 100g soluble pouches.Suitable for Biofloc technology in shrimp, tilapia and carp farming. 

    • Pro4000x bacterial tablets for aquaculture, water purification, sludge disposal. 16g water-soluble tablets

    • AuqaPro EZ bacteria in soluble bags of 270g each. No preparation required. Pond water treatment.

    • Avibac H for ponds - highly concentrated bacteria in soluble bags of 100g each. No preparation required. In 100g soluble bags

    • Pond sludge remover - for small ponds for decomposition of bottom sludge and water treatment 



    Pond Biotex  - is a completely natural method of controlling nitrates, phosphates, organic bottom sludge and odors. The special blend of bacteria has the ability to digest any organic wastes generated by
    animal and plant life in the pond. The cultures are completely safe and will not harm humans, plants, animals, birds or the environment.  

    Dose for small ponds - 0.5 kg / 100 m3. Every 1-2 weeks. 1 month, then 250g / 100m3 every 1-2 weeks

    Dose for large ponds - 2-4kg / 1000m3. Every 1-2 weeks, 1 month. continue 1-2kg / 1000m3 every 1-2 weeks 

    Avibac H a highly concentrated mixture of bacteria. Intended for water clarification, sludge decomposition, odor reduction, sulfide reduction, algae prevention. 

    Destroys anaerobic zones, acid sludge, reduces the amount of pathogenic bacteria.

    Excess nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus can impair water clarity. Reduced water clarity reduces water quality and/or oxygen levels and prevents sunlight from penetrating surface dirt. This poses a threat to organisms in the water such as fish, plants and other aquatic life. Application of Avibac H to a pond, lagoon, lake, etc. to prevent periods of poor water quality.
    Avibac H uses bioaugmentation, a non-chemical and natural method to reduce organic matter that threatens clean water. The introduction of specific microbes accelerates the rate of carbon, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen utilization and improves water quality.

    Also suitable for ponds with fish

    Dose.l. for small ponds - 0.2kg/10m3. Every 1-2 weeks, 1 month, then 100g/10m3 every 2 weeks

    Dose for small ponds - 0.5kg/100m3. Every 1-2 weeks. 1 month, then 200g/100m3 every 2 weeks

    Dose for large ponds - 1kg/1000m3. Every 1-2 weeks, 1 month. then 0.5-1kg/1000m3 every 2 weeks

    For algae destruction: 1kg/1000m2 - 3 days, then 250g/1000m3 every day until the algae disappear. 


    Algobac - a highly concentrated mixture of bacteria for water purification and the destruction of filamentous algae. In soluble bags of 100g or pails of 10kg. 


    For the destruction of filamentous algae: 1kg/1000m2 - every 3-7 days, then 500g/1000m2 every 7 days

    Average dose for larger ponds: 1-3kg/1000m2 initial dose, then 1kg/1000m2 every 1-2 weeks maintenance dose.