For fish farmers/aquaculture

  • Fishes and shrimps are grown in closed circulation systems (RAS) or in open systems - ponds.

    Closed systems (RAS) are usually characterized by a high amount of fish, higher water pollution. Such systems for water treatment have mechanical and biological filters, which often do not work properly with high pollution loads, increased amounts of nitrites, nitrates, ammonium, require higher water replace (30-50%).

    Pond systems do not have additional treatment facilities, the instantaneous pollution here is lower than in closed systems, but over time, due to the absence of treatment systems, organic pollution increases, oxygen content decreases, algae grow increases.

    With increasing organic pollution:

    • necessesary  more oxygen

    • increasing amounts of ammonium / ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, which is dangerous for fish (Nitrite is toxic to fish at 5 ppm) 

    • in closed systems, the need for replaceable water increases

    • growing algae increases

    • in ponds the sludge accumulation increases, anaerobic zones appear, sulfides are formed

    • fish became more vulnerable to disease

    For reduction of organic pollution - ammonia, nitrogen compounds, phosphates, bottom sludge reduction, algae reduction, pathogen bacteria reduction, fish immunity improvement  are used SAFE methods of treatment with:

    Pro4000x bacterial 16g tablets  (1 tablet contains about 64 billion Bacillus bacteria)

    • in closed aquaculture 

    • culture systems for the reduction / decomposition of organic pollution

    • for smaller ponds (also for bottom sludge decomposition)

    Biofloc bacteria in powder form - a mixture of extremely high concentrations of bacteria with probiotics, micro and macro minerals for fish. Includes Bacilllus Subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Megaterium, Bacillus Pumilis, Lactobacillus bacteria and active enzymes. 1g of product has about 1.5 billion. bacteria

    • in closed aquaculture systems to reduce organic pollution, healthy fish, faster and higher weight gain

    • for smaller ponds (also for bottom sludge decomposition)f

    • for Biofloc technology

    Avibac F bacteria
    in powder form (1g - 5billion Bacillus bacteria) in 5kg pails or 100g soluble bags 

    • in closed aquaculture systems for the reduction / decomposition of organic pollution with probiotics

    • for smaller ponds (also for bottom sludge decomposition)

    • for large (over 1000m3) fish ponds

    Ammonia removal (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacterial concentrate) is designed to improve the performance of the biofilter and increase the efficiency of ammonium removal. Packs of 20L. We deliver within 14 days after ordering.

    Bactoblock bacterial blocks for water / sludge mixture after mechanical filter cleaning. Reduces nitrogen compounds, CHDS / BOD, sludge content, odors. 

    Scalewatcher water descalers for closed aquaculture systems work without any chemicals and maintenance

    • Reduces the amount of algae and bacteria in the water

    • Softens water, protects pipes, nozzles from plaque

    • Reduces water heating costs

    Zeolite - 100%. natural product, filter filler 1-2.5mm and 2.5-5mm fractions for ammonium removal in well water and circulating water mechanical treatment filters.

    • closed aquaculture systems for water clarification and ammonium removal

    Rapid water tests
    (50 strips) are essential for every fish farmer to help identify and eliminate nitrite and ammonia growth situations that are dangerous to fish.

    • determining pH, nitrite, nitrate content, water hardness 50pcs. 

    • amount of ammonia in water 25pcs. strip tests 


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