Pond/fish farm water treatment, algae and sludge removal

  • For pond cleaning, water quality improvement, sludge reduction and algae prevention, we offer you:


    • Pro4000x bacterial tablets for aquaculture, water purification, sludge disposal. 16g water-soluble tablets

    • AuqaPro EZ bacteria in soluble bags of 225g each. No preparation required.

    • Pond Biotex bacteria for pond water purification, clarification, in packs of 500g.

    • Bactoblock slow dissolving bacterial cartridges for bottom sludge decomposition, water purification, 500g, 5kg and 15kg.

    • Biofloc bacteria for aquaculture with probiotics  Reduces organic matter, decomposes sludge, reduces nitrates and phosphates. In bags of 500g.

    • Avibac F for ponds and aquaculture - highly concentrated bacteria in soluble bags of 100g each. No preparation required.1g-5 billion bacteria

    • Avibac H For cleaning ponds of various sizes and pollution, for prevention against algae - highly concentrated bacteria in soluble bags of 100g. No preparation required. 1g - 10 billion bacteria 

    • Algobac - bacteria for cleaning pond water and destroying filamentous algae. In soluble bags of 100g. 

    • Pond sludge remover - for small ponds for decomposition of bottom sludge and water treatment 

    Electronic equipment

    • Ultrasonic equipment against algae G Sonic - sale and rental
    • Scalewatcher electromagnetic field equipment for water softening, algae prevention and biofilm destruction 

    Safe chemicals for water treatment and an oxygen source 

    • Quickoxy - powder for fast oxygen saturation, pH correction, algae destruction. 1kg releases 130g of oxygen

    • Longoxy and Oxysorb - for water clarification, long-term oxygen supply, decomposition of bottom sludge, destruction of anaerobic zones, odors. 1kg releases 200g of oxygen, works for up to 3 months 


    Bioproducts for water purification, clarification, sludge / organic decomposition, algae prevention and destruction, ammonia, phosphates removal

    No preparation, activation, dilution in water, no aeration, no sludge, no by-products, no harm to fish and plants 

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    Uses for algae and sludge treatment, ammonium, nitrate, fats removal:

    • In muddy ponds and lakes
    • In closed aquaculture systems
    • In open fish farming ponds
    • In contaminated ponds, lagoons of industrial enterprises
    • In animal farms manure desintegration
    • in private houses local water treatment unit

    Results obtained

    • Sludge, biomass decomposition and reduction
    • Decrease in BOD
    • Increase in oxygen content of fish due to sludge decomposition
    • Removal of ammonium, nitrites and nitrates
    • Elimination of siltation
    • Elimination of algae, elimination of toxins excreted by them
    • Healthier aquatic flora and fauna
    • Clear water
    • Reduction of unpleasant odors
    • Less clean water is needed for closed-loop aquaculture
    • Less aeration or no more energy savings
    • Biofilters work better, less sludge is formed 
    • Clean pipes from fats
    • Less biological sludge

    Remember that the best result is achieved by using bioproducts preventively i.e. until the problem of water pollution and algae arose. 

    Mechanism of action:

    Organic matter ------- ›carbon dioxide + water + living cell material

    Bottom sediment reduction begins at the sludge surface and is decomposed gradually, layer by layer. 

    In the form of powders and tablets

    The powder is packed in 225g biodegradable bags and 4.5kg cartons (20 sachets). Used for ponds, lakes, lagoons with slow moving water, without aeration. Contains trace elements for bacteria more effective growth.



    In the form of tablets 

    Tablets of 16g are packed in 3kg pails (187 tablets). Used in aquaculture, fish ponds, lagoons with a high content of organics, biodegradation of organic sludge, destruction of algae.




    Dosage for moderately polluted ponds: standard at the beginning of cleaning for 30 days - 1kg of bioproduct (in the form of powder or tablets) / 1000m3 of water.If the pollution is very high and for faster cleaning: 2-4kg / 1000m3.

    Maintenance dose: 0.5 kg / 1000 m3 of water every 1 -2 weeks if the pollution of the reservoir from the environment and due to farmed fish is not high.

    If there is a lot of algae (during flowering): dosing 4-6kg / 1000m3 once a week until the amount of algae decreases. After that - a maintenance dose.

    To stop the particularly abundant algal blooms: up to 10kg / 1000m3 once a week until the water transparency improves. After that - a maintenance dose. 

    Bioproducts do not need to be diluted with water and activated.

    The products are completely safe for humans, flora and fauna. 


                                                                  Download information:

                              Aqua Pro EZ                                                      Pro  4000x

                       225g bacterial bags                                            16g bacterial tablets 



    Bioproducts in the form of powder -  Pond Biotex

    • POND BIOTEX - beneficial bacteria for lake & pond cleaning work by breaking down rotting sludge and using nitrogen and phosphates for food.

    • POND BIOTEX bacteria, by using excess organic matter for food, help to balance the condition of your lake or pond and create a naturally healthy environment.

    • POND BIOTEX also helps to reduce the need for algae cleaning / disposal by creating a healthy aquatic environment and eliminating the direct cause of contamination.

    • POND BIOTEX lake and pond cleaning biological agent can be used as a means to maintain clear water or to solve various problems (nitrate, phosphate, sludge reduction).


    POND BIOTEX presentation


    Required preparation, adding the required amount of product to 10l of water and stirring. After 30 minutes, pour into a pond.

    Packed in 0.5kg bags. Preparation is required by adding the required amount of product to 10 l of water and mixing. After 30 minutes, pour into a pond.

    Dosage every 1-2 weeks (depending on the level of contamination):

    The dose for small ponds is 0.5 kg /100 m3. Every 1 week for 1 month, then 250g / 100m3 every 1-2 weeks

    Dose for large ponds - 2-4kg /1000m3. Every 1-2 weeks, 1 month then  continue 1-2kg / 1000m3 every 2 weeks 

    If the pollution is very high, for faster cleaning: 4-6kg / 1000m3 

    Bioproducts Algobac powder form 100g in soluble bags

    For water treatment and blanketweed algae elimination

    No preparation required. For water purification (medium and heavy pollution) and destruction of filamentous algae. Dosage: 100g bag/100m2 pond area every 1-2 weeks

    Bioproducts Avibac H (superconcentrated) powder form 100g in soluble bags

    No preparation required. For water purification (medium and higher pollution), prevention against algae. Dosage: 100g bag/200m2 pond area every 1-2 weeks

    For fish farmers

    Avibac F (super-concentrated) powder form in 100g soluble bags contains 8 types of bacteria that not only clean the water, but also improve fish growth, digestion, and immunity. 

    Biofloc in 1kg bags. Water purification bacteria and probiotics for fish. 


    Safety of bacillus

    B. subtilis has been tested in the US FDA Veterinary Medical Center and found no safety concerns when used in microbial products used in direct feed, and has therefore been listed by the American Association of Feed Control Officers as approved for use as an ingredient in animal feed. 36.14 'Direct-feeding micro-organisms'.

    The Bacillus Culture Dehydrated Approved Feed Ingredients have been classified by the Animal Health and Production Feed Division of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a silage additive in accordance with Annex IV, Part 2, Class 8.6 and classified as an international feed ingredient. number IFN 8-19-1199.

    Several feed additives containing viable spores of B. subtilis have been favorably evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority for their safe use in livestock rearing.

    B. licheniformis, a natural probiotic found in soil, is widely used in the enzyme industry. 


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