Scalewatcher water descalers/softeners

  • No additional plumbing, installation, specialist help! 

    Hard water problems are caused by mineral ions dissolved in water that can stick to surfaces such as heating elements, shower heads, taps, and bathroom tiles.

    Traditional water softeners can prevent this, but they need care and a regular supply of salt, and drinking such a drink can be unsafe for health.

    Not only households suffer from hard plaque, but also commercial water users such as hotels, restaurants, dental offices, hairdressers, offices. Soft water is very useful for the industry.

    Scalewatcher is an environmentally friendly descaler that does not change the composition of water. Once the unit is installed, hard plaque or stains disappear gradually, you don’t need to do anything.

    Scalewatcher guarantees the descaling of your entire water system.

    Not only will you avoid the formation of deposits, but you will also:

    ● Algal growth will decrease
    ● The number of bacteria will decrease
    ● Corrosion will be reduced.

    The product has many applications:

    ● Cooling towers / coolers

    ● Evaporation condensers

    ● Water boilers

    ● Fire tube steam boilers

    ● Pipe lines

    ● Housing and tubular heat exchangers

    ● Spray nozzles in agriculture or golf courses

    ● Swimming pools

    ● Ice cube making machines

    Also piping for residential and office buildings, pond filtration systems and wherever there is hard water. 


    Patented in all major countries.

    Important Note: Coated shower heads are a breeding ground for bacteria. Install Scalewatcher to prevent calcification. 


    Scalewatcher systems for private homes


    Units for the residential market: Nano, 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star. These units will work on all pipe sizes one can normally find in private houses or villas. 

    Nano - for 1 person: apartment for small needs, as well as separately for aquariums, home pool, boiler, washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher, etc. Warranty 2 years

    3 Star - for a family of 2-3 people, an average house, apartment. Warranty 10 years 

    4 Star - for a family of 4-6 people, a larger house, a villa, private pools, small hotels. Warranty 10 years  

    5 Star - for all houses, apartments, hotels, swimming pools, ponds. Can be installed outdoors. Warranty 10 years 

    Boilers, coffee makers, washing machines and dishwashers, kettles and modern water taps in the kitchen and bathroom suffer from hard water.

    Scalewatcher is a great and environmentally friendly way to stop these problems. Scalewatcher mounted on the main water pipe will protect all water using your home equipment.

    In terms of side effects on water supply lines, it has been shown that there is no effect on the release of metals into the water when the water is treated with a Scalewatcher. Laboratory report BTO200-1.


    Scalewatcher users reported:


    • Improves water heater efficiency, saves energy.
    • The water becomes softer, softer for the skin and hair.
    • Reduces foam and improves soap foaming.



    • No salt or chemicals required.
    • Maintenance-free, easy to install, no wall mounting required
    • Slight energy consumption
    • Effective for copper, lead, steel or PVC pipes.

    Long - term effects


    • Improves water flow in highly calcified systems.
    • Extends the life of water heaters.
    • Extends the life of water filters and RO membranes.
    • Prevents itchy skin due to hard water.

    Scalewatcher patented technology creates an electric field that acts on calcium and magnesium ions, so they stay in suspension with water entering the sewer, not sticking to pipes and appliances.
    You can take advantage of the Scalewatcher right away, as it is easy to install and maintenance-free. 


    Brochure to download



    Brochures for dairy, pools, irrigation, light and heavy industry you can get upon request. 



    Technical information


    • Mains voltage: 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Energy consumption: <52 kWh per year
    • Output voltage: low, non-hazardous
    • Signal cable: Single core, white,
    • Possibility of action: two double-wound coils
    • Weight: 500g 

    Scalewatcher® systems for commercial and industrial use. Warranty - 5 years.

    Water treatment requirements in commercial and industrial areas are very different from private drinking water systems. That's why special Scalewatcher® models have been developed


    ● Industrial pipe materials

    ● Larger pipe diameters in buildings or industry

    ● Higher water flow

    ● Untreated water

    ● Unfavorable environment.


    Scalewatcher will bring a lot of benefits to commerce and industry, as it requires a lot of water treatment and especially because the Scalewatcher® requires no chemicals and requires almost no maintenance. The negative effects of calcification, with all the problems that arise, are gradually addressed so that the performance of the pipes and equipment is maintained or even improved. All of these items significantly reduce water treatment operation and maintenance costs. 

    Advances in microelectronics have allowed Scalewatcher to create a compact system that can be installed in small or generally inaccessible spaces. Ideal for commercial use such as laundries, hotels, garages, restaurants and bakeries. Scalewatcher Commercial models are available for both indoor and outdoor pipes up to 10cm and 20cm in diameter, respectively. 

    Advantages of the easy-to-install Scalewatcher:

    • Increased service life of capital equipment
    • Lower energy bills
    • Quick payback
    • Increased pipeline throughput
    • Environmentally friendly and harmless
    • Reduced corrosion *
    • Decreased bacterial growth *
    • Decreased algal growth
    • Industrial problems that are solved by the use of chemicals, including: mineral deposits, rust, bacterial film, water removal 

    Mineral liming

    Scalewatcher can prevent calcification and remove existing limescale. There are many successful examples of use in the industry.

    The product was introduced in 1989. At the time, the process was not well understood. The technology is now widely recognized not only by competitors who have copied the concept, but also by industry executives who were the first to use Scalewatcher in the field. Physical water treatment has taken its place in the industry as a high-tech and reliable means of preventing mineral deposits.


    An amazing side effect of the unit on iron pipes that contain oxygenated water is that rust no longer forms; and the existing ones will be removed and replaced with a very thin black protective layer called a magnetite.


    The side effect that could be expected is that the number of bacteria in the process water will be greatly reduced due to the cleaning effect of the Scalewatcher. The basis of bacterial nutrition disappears, as does the bacteria. This effect is especially noticeable in cooling towers. Reports from these locations show no calcification, algal growth, zero bacterial counts and less corrosion.

    Water removal

    In a civilized world, industry has to pay for water disposal. Examples are purging of steam boilers or cooling towers. Since most of this equipment uses automatic purge based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is not difficult to see why water can be saved. The longer it takes for a certain level of conductivity to be reached, the fewer water discharges. This level can be set higher with the Scalewatcher, which can save between 50 and 80% of water. The overall water savings and water removal costs provide a very quick return on investment. 


    In heat exchangers/cooling towers/chillers/condensers:

    ● Algae growth is reduced or prevented.
    ● Bacteria count is reduced or reduced to zero.
    ● Slime disappeared.
    ● Differential temperature increased.
    ● Approach temperature remains stable longer, extending the time before cleaning 


    Equipment for home You can purchase in web-shop. For commercial and industrial units, please write us: