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    Activated carbon is made from materials containing carbon: coal, coconut, bamboo, charcoal, lignite, peat ... Coal is activated by furnace treatment by physico-thermal methods as well as by chemical methods. Activated carbon in these ways has a large internal surface area. Activated carbon for water purification has an inner surface of 500-1500m2 / g and is in powder or granular form. Activated carbon removes chlorine, substances that cause color and bad taste, organics, toxic substances, heavy metals.
    Zeolite is a very widely used material for water and air purification, construction industry, medicine, crop production, animal husbandry. Most of the zeolite is used in the construction industry. Zeolite has been used here as a building material for thousands of years. Most zeolite is mined and consumed in China Zeolite, translated from the Greek, means boiling stone and was first mentioned in 1756. Zeolites come in natural and synthetic forms. Natural zeolites are of sedimentary or volcanic origin. 1g of zeolite removes 1.5-2mg of ammonium. Zeolite sorption order: Cs +> NH4 +> Pb2 +> K +> Na +> Ca2 +> Mg2 +> Ba2 +> Cu2 +> Zn2 + Sr2 +, Cd2 +> Ni2 +> Co2 +. I.e. zeolite first adsorbs the ammonium cation in water, if NH4 + is high, other contaminants will be largely unabsorbed and ammonium will be almost completely removed.