chemicals for water purification

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    MB Aviris presents an innovative combined contaminated water treatment technology with REDOXY 3C pellets, which does not require mixing tanks, pumps or electricity. It can be used by anyone who has problems with waters of various pollution.

    REDOXY 3C consists of several active substances: iron ferate - a particularly powerful coagulant, a strong oxidizing agent and a very strong adsorbent. All materials are safe for the environment.

    Simple manual dosing.

    Suitable for use in both private homes and industry.

    Very fast effect.

    REDOXY3C cleaning process

    a) Oxidation / disinfection
    b) Coagulation
    c) Adsorption and finally filtration / removal or bacterial degradation


    • Chlorine free
    • Easy to dose
    • It takes up little space - it is dry pellets
    • Safe for the environment
    • No need for pumps, electricity
    • No special knowledge required

    Places of use

    • Contaminated sewage pits and tanks
    • Contaminated ponds and other bodies of water
    • Sewer wells
    • Sewage leveling tanks
    • Surface and groundwater

    RedOxy 3C effect

    • Clarifies water
    • Reduces BOD
    • Removes phosphates and nitrogen compounds
    • Removes heavy metals and petroleum products
    • Removes aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds
    • Removes phenols, organic and sulfur compounds
    • Removes ammonia
    • Disinfects water
    • Reduces unpleasant odors
    • Removes drug residues 


    The product is intended for wastewater treatment, but is not intended for use for thick sludge.

    Remove accumulated sludge before using REDOXY 3C granules!

    The initial cleansing effect will be visible within 24 hours, and full within a few days.

    Upon introduction of the product, the active oxygen contained in it temporarily forms sludge particles on the surface, which quickly settle to the bottom.

    Contaminants separated from the water settle to the bottom of the tank or pond and must be removed together with the accumulated sludge by suction or filtration method. Organic sludge can be broken down using AquaProEZ bacteria.


    Packed in 60kg barrels, 5kg, 0.5kg plastic bags.

    Store in a dry place, do not moisten!


    Use disposable or reusable protective gloves to protect your hands.

    Although the product is safe to use, goggles and a respiratory mask are recommended.